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Anorexia is often treated in an outpatient setting, but hospitalization may be necessary in some situations.
Many people with anorexia view their body differently than it may be in reality. They tend to see themselves as fat, even as they are quickly becoming emaciated and overly thin.
Anorexia is considered the most deadly mental illness because a high number of people who struggle with the disease without treatment
The general population believes that anorexia isn’t a real disease. In turn, people are afraid to ask for help because they feel ashamed or don’t feel as though they’ll be taken seriously.
9 percent of American women will suffer from anorexia in their lifetime.
It is true that a large number of people who enter treatment for anorexia experience some form of relapse during their path to recovery
In some extreme cases of anorexia, the victim is covered in lanugo, a fine body hair, which grows due to the body compensating for a lack of fat and muscle to regulate heat.
Recovery from anorexia is possible, even for someone who has been living with the disease for many years.
Argentina has the second-highest rate of anorexia in the world after Japan.
People with anorexia nervosa restricting subtype place a severe restriction on the amount and type of food they consume.

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