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In 2018 a machine of Microsoft translation system achieved human-level quality and accuracy when translating news from Chinese to English.
Chinese tech manufacturer Huawei announced plans to develop its own AI processing chips, reducing the need for the country’s booming AI industry to rely on US manufacturers like Intel and Nvidia. Source
84% of enterprises believe investing in AI will lead to greater competitive advantages.
There were two AI chatbots created by Facebook to talk to each other, but they were shut down after they started communicating in a language they made for themselves.
The Artificial Intelligence of Google is much smarter than Siri’s, according to three Chinese researchers.
According to Salesforce, 51% of small business owners think that AI is important when it comes to investing in new technologies. Source
A self learning super computer named Nautilus can predict the future, and it became famous when it was able to locate Osama Bin Laden.
January 2018, Google CEO Sundar Pichai claimed that artificial intelligence (AI) will be more transformative to humanity than electricity.
When you interact with AI as a default voice it is mostly a female as studies have shown that both women and men prefer the sound of a female voice. Source
87% of current AI adopters said they were using or considering using AI for sales forecasting and for improving e-mail marketing.
Microsoft is infusing AI into everything they deliver across computing platforms and experiences.

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